Designing for You

Saint-Petersburg, RussiaGrowing up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, I was surrounded by the unprecedented beauty of St. Petersburg’s architecture and was able to visit the treasured collections of Russian tsars. Fine arts of countless palaces would leave vibrant impressions on my soul.

As a child I would draw dresses of princesses from one of my favorite books The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. I wanted to be a fashion designer, but instead I went to Architectural University of Saint Petersburg to study Architecture. After two years of study, I married. That step changed my profession. I became a civil engineer and switched from the Architectural faculty to a faculty of Structural Engineering because we had to move to Estonia.

Saint-Petersburg, RussiaMy dream to be a designer became fulfilled here in the United States many years after. I went to Montgomery College, Rockville, MD and graduated with a two year degree in Interior Design. Being an engineer and an interior designer (what a combination, you would say!) I have an opportunity to create spaces with the awareness of where I should remove a wall, and where my imagination could take another route.

Thinking about my design career, and the difference I can make in somebody’s environment, I became certain that creating Healing Spaces was my path. Therefore, I spent time studying color therapy, Vaastu and Feng Shui.

My goal is to create for you a private space of Peace and Comfort which will be not only elegant and tasteful, but will really bring you a sensation of tranquility and happiness.

Olga SokolovaLet me help you to create your dream space!

My interior design services include:

  • Interior Design Consulting
  • Theme Interior design
    • Classic Interiors
    • Contemporary interiors
    • Far East interiors
    • Eclectic interiors
    • And Your dream theme
  • Space Planning
      • Floor Plans
      • Elevations
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia Interior Details, architectural details
  • Color consulting
  • Healing Color Schemes
  • Trendy colors
  • Window treatments design and installation
  • Accessorizing
  • Bathroom design and installation
  • Kitchen design and installation
  • Outdoor Living Spaces - design and installation

Let’s start the project and transform your space to a healthier and happier environment!

Designing your personal space with balance and taste will transform your entire life to a better living experience!