Foundations of Vaastu Shastra - 15 lectures video course by Mandodari

Have you ever wondered why you feel so radiant inside your favorite indoor space? That wonderful feeling is Vastu Shastra at work.

Vastu is an ancient architectural theory from India thatís entering mainstream practice all over the world. Itís the key to healthy home design and construction. It is the "Greenest design" possible.

As youíve probably guessed, a happy home takes more than great aesthetics. The secret is three-prong and lies in the site layout, specific architectural and interior design of a building based on the very careful vibrational matching of the Earth and the Universe, house and you all together. And the good news is that you can take now and move within the course with your own speed.

Let's start designing and building Houses of LIGHT!

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Olga Mandodari