• Ashram de Yoga Sivananda, Orelans, France, July 2015

"After completing the Sivananda certificate course on “How to design healing spaces with Vastu Shastra” by Olga Mandodari I found my outlook on architecture changed from me seeing buildings as being simply “there” to me looking towards the thought that had gone behind them.

Olga also took the time to evaluate each of our homes through the lens of Vastu Shastra and provided us with tips on ways in which we could bring our homes more into energetic alignment with these principles which proved to be quite an illuminating experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt fortunate to have been able to learn from a teacher like Olga whose passion for her subject has led to her acquiring a tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge from her studies which have taken her from Russia to America to India."

Monireh Jassat

  • Val Morin, Canada, August 2014

    "Thank you SO much Olga! Your workshop was the inspiration for our visit to Yoga Camp this past weekend. We can't wait to further investigate all of the incredible material you shared with us. All the best & thanks again!"

  • Vaastu Shastra Conference , August 2013
    Sivananda Yoga Center, Paris, France.

    "Hello Olga,
    Just those few words too thank you for your conference on Vastu Shastra In Paris.
    So in the quest that is my little existence, I feel it was very important to come to your conference... and indeed: it taught me a lot ! Also, it came in the right moment of my own quest and understandings: It's so incredible because everything is so logical, ... so mathematical!
    So now, I continue to try, to live, to grow and to fructify according that understanding of the Reality, according to the certainty of that eternal Mandala of logical Goodness, Beauty, Pleasure, Joy, and Creativity that build us, and rely us each other, and with the Nature and all the Universe.
    Also I continue to write, to understand it and to adapt it in my own language and own culture; to understand, explain, feel and propagate how It deploy and structure all part of our lives, activities and creations... for more peace, goodness, joy... .
    Try to do my best,
    Thank you very much for your work,
    With all my gratitude."

    Patrick de Vallois
    Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA

    Olga is an extraordinary teacher of Vaastu, with great enthusiasm and power of conviction coming from her inheriting of the shakti of her divine teacher and guru, Dr. Ganapati Sthapati, a most renown divine architect of India and the world. The science of Vaastu not only helps you practically to know how to improve your space and your environment, but also to open your awareness to the mystery of the universe and feel the grace to be part of the breath of life. —Swami Sitaramananda, Director of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

    In twelve hours, we went from the creation of the universe to how to create living space in harmony with this universe. Amazing. —Hara Mahadeva/Mike Hutchinson, engineer and builder, Grass Valley, CA 

    Olga Mandodari Sokolova’s Vaastu course brings another extraordinary proof that spirituality and science are one indissoluble union. It’s a true blessing to keep discovering this truth and I am grateful to Mandodari for sharing these priceless teachings. —Bharata/Javier Lopez, Ayurveda practitioner, Grass Valley, CA 

    This course gave me a renewed awareness of the need to bring consciousness of our essential nature into the world we live in, both in our intentions and into our relationship to our physical environment. —Mark D., architect, Nevada City, CA

    It is important to learn a technique on how to alter our living surrounding to nurture not only a healthy life but for positive spiritual growth and harmony with natural surrounding and living space. This is important knowledge for everyone. Thank you Dr. Ganapati Sthapati for training a teacher such as Olga Mandodari Sokolova to spread this ancient wisdom of space. —Sankara/Clement Lam, Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, Vancouver Islands, Canada

    What made the most impact on me was the spiritual aspect and vastness of Vaastu, going back so many thousands of years and how important it is to reflect the universal laws of nature and the cosmos in our homes, cities, and world for lasting peace. —Elise Mahesh, Dallas, TX

    Amazing to have access to this ancient teaching through such a sincere, passionate teacher conveying wisdom learned from her esteemed guru. It gave me insights into yantra painting. It expanded my thinking. I love how the concepts of Vaastu Shastra connect with yoga philosophy. I love to see that opening awareness to the spaces we frequent—and seeing them as alive—changes our relationship to them. Can’t wait for more.

    Rajeshwari/Agnes Anderson,
    Graphic designer and Yoga teacher,
    Los Angeles, CA


  • Real Estate - evaluation of a new property

    "Olga Sokolova did a splendid job of assessing our vastu requirements for addition and patently replied to all my questions. The deliverables were on time with drawing that were clear and precise. I am impressed with her depth of knowledge. On a scale of 5 star rating I would give her all the stars."

    Best Regards,

    Mumtaz V.





    Dr. Michael Mamas




  • Real Estate evaluation of a new property

Sydney, Australia

"Hi Olga,

Thank you very much for your vaastu service. You have done a fabulous job, just by looking at the google images and the information given by me. Will contact you soon for the future projects. Can you please convey my thanks to Dr.Ganapathi Stapathi as well?


  • New house project Spring of 2008.

West Bengal, India

"Hi, my name is Diptiman Chatterjee and I stay in West Bengal state in India. I run a fashion jewelry business (www.indian-jewellery.com). I was deeply interested in the Vastu Science, a science which unravels the phenomenon by which natural forces behave in enclosed structures and it tells us how we can create a harmonic and balance life by creating our dwelling places in accordance with natural forces.

After extensive search I came upon Olga Sokolova. Since I found that she was a very favorite student of Dr Ganapati Sthapati ( the most famous and renowned VASTU Architect in India) I decided to entrust her to design me a house in accordance with Vastu principles. I am very happy with the work and most important of all is that I must say that she has mastered the subject to the core.

Vastu is a science which cannot be just mastered by studying a few books and I bet, that people who try to gather Vastu knowledge only from different websites in the net (as I did prior ti entrusting her the work), they are ought to get confused.

And lastly, I must confess she is a different kind of a personality. She cares less about money and more about how the Vastu science can help humanity to achieve balanced and harmonic lives. Thank you Mam for taking up my project.

With Regards
Diptiman Chatterje"


October 2008

  • Internet based class for Ayadi Calculations
  • Ayadi calculations for a painting canvas frame

    Dublin, Ireland

    "After much searching online for a Vastu expert I found Olga's website. The presentation of Vastu information was (is), in my opinion, superior to all the other websites on Vastu. Now that I've had the pleasure of doing business with Olga, I've found that she has exceeded my expectations in knowledge and service.

    From the first email, Olga was helpful, courteous, accommodating, and patient. She speaks with passion and deep knowledge of Vastu and is methodical in her approach and explanation of the subject. I would recommend Olga for your Vastu project.

    Thank you Olga for helping me understand the sacred science of Vastu."

  • Testimonials from Russia are here