Main Postulates of Vaastu Shastra

kalaha srujati bhotani, kalaha samharati prajaha, sarvey kalasya vashagaha” – “Time creates everything, Time takes away everything co-created and everything exists in the hands of Time.” The Time factor is the creative element of the universe.

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Point Theory or Brahma Bindu is the manifestation or transformation of energy. It is the first postulate of Vaastu Shastra . It starts at the point of the most concentrated energy. Then it becomes a line or a string, later it becomes a gross form. The center point of the nuclear energy field is called Brahma Bindu, where Bindu means point and Brahma means God. It is at this point, in mathematics called zero point, where the initial event happens. (Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda, p. 89, 145). This point is located in the actual geometric center of the structure, or in the center of Brahmasthan.

Supreme String Theory or Brahma Sutra is a second postulate of Sthapatya Veda. It is also called the thread of Light or String of Consciousness which is the vertebra of the primal energy (Brahmasthan) space or also is the vertebra of the building. Simply put, it is the vertical access of the building. The unobstructed central space of the building allows energy to come in and spread through the building. This central space of the building is called Brahmasthan.

When we want to experience something, an interesting phenomenon happens. It begins with the rhythmic vibration of the inner space. First it is just a point of energy, and then it becomes a string of energy. Analogously, a building created using Brahmasthan becomes a Living Organism. Such a building is capable of having experiences, too. When a Vaastu structure is built properly, it then experiences its own bliss, or happiness.

Copyright © Olga Sokolova

Spin Theory or Rotation or Metamorphosis is t he third postulate of Vaastu Shastra . So, the string vibrates and starts spinning around its own access creating OM Light and OM Sound. Then the inner form is created. The next step is the manifestation of the inner form or replication of it into the outside material world. In order to be replicated into the outside, the inner form has to have a right proportion. When vibration starts then Time starts. The spatial form can be measured by the Time of Light going through Space.

Meanwhile, the primal particle of energy (primal cube per Vaastu Shastra ) spins faster and faster and changes its cubic form of energy to 3d octagonal form. The last step is the metamorphoses or manifestation of the energetic form into material form. The energy metamorphoses into matter through an intermediate octagonal form in cross-section, and then this form becomes a sphere. As we can see all material objects of our universe have spherical shapes and they are rotating around their own accesses. Vastu – pure energy manifests into Vaastu – matter.